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Body Casting

Body casting is the act of creating a three-dimensional copy of a living human body, which from molding and casting techniques gives rise to a unique sculpture.

Creative Process


This creative process comprises seven steps:


- Choice of technique to apply

- Creation of the model

- Creation of the mold

- Creation of the sculpture

- Repair and Improvement

- Finishing and painting

- Delivery

The techniques and materials used are not harmful to the human body, including babies,

atopic skin, and animals.

Body Casting


It was in 2017, in Lisbon, that Pelle by Gaipi was born. We introduced body casting in Portugal with a pioneering approach, as an art that allows the creation of unique pieces that capture the shape of the human body, the details and the expressions that make it unique.

Our atelier is the space where we create art pieces that celebrate the beauty and individuality of the human body, and that perpetuate stories, moments and memories. The desire of each client is the starting point for a tailor-made creative experience, which is unique, personal and non-transferable.

Creative Pieces
Creative Pieces

The human body is beautiful regardless of its shape or size. Beauty lies in its singularity, and in all its unique details. We can reproduce different parts of the human body. Would you like to offer a piece to someone special? Are you looking for an exclusive piece to decorate your home? Do you have a gallery and look for something different to put on display? Challenge us with your request.

"There is only one temple in the world,

and it is the human body. Nothing is more sacred than this sublime form."

Friedrich Novalis

Stories & Testimonials

He is a musician, and she is a teacher. One day they crossed, and it was inevitable, they fell in love. Happy, united and confident in the future that moves ahead, they have decided to eternalize a moment of great significance. Their hands, united, symbolize love, hope,

and happiness.

"It was a pleasure, and we hope to do it again! Gratitude."

Quotes & Information

Quote & Information Request

Each art piece is special and tells a story. We want to know which one is yours.

Like every sculpture, every budget is tailor-made for each client. Challenge us with your request or contact

us for more information about our services. We look forward to your contact

Thanks! Message sent.

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