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The touch of someone you love is precious. Reproduce your hand joined with the one of someone you love. Turn your family's hands into pieces of art. The hands of your children, mother, father, grandfather or grandmother. The possibilities are infinite.


"Your hands end

in secret."

Fernando Pessoa


Eternalize a special moment. The feet of your newborn, a grown son or daughter. The feet of the man or woman you love. Time passes, and what remains is the memories of those unique moments.


"When I cannot behold thy face,

I behold thy feet."

Pablo Neruda


Imagine the beauty of your torso. Look at the elegance of the torso of your beloved. Picture the communion of two torsos. Consider an exclusive sculpture that you can offer or exhibit as a decorative piece.

"His torso resembles the breath

of the candle."

Sophia de Mello Breyner Andersen


Details make a face. The nose, the mouth, the eyes and the signs. The look of someone you love may be a memory eternalized in time.

"It seems to me that the smile, and

only he, does what we call the beauty

of a face."

Leon Tolstói

maos pes
torso face
body casting atelier
Body Casting Live

Through the performance of the cast of the body, it is possible to observe in real time and select the function of specifications, goals, and desires of each client. A unique experience of approaching art, which is a beauty and a singularity of the human body. This performance can take place in different contexts.


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Creative Atelier
by Gaipi

Sharing is the foundation of this creative studio. The goal is to provide a real and authentic experience with the methodology inherent in the art of body casting. I will show participants how they can create their own pieces and guide them on this journey.

In the end, it will be possible to have the exact notion of the complexity of this unique and special art that has the human body as the main material.

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