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It was in 2017, in Lisbon, that Pelle by Gaipi was born. We introduced body casting in Portugal with a pioneering approach, as an art that allows the creation of unique pieces that capture the shape of the human body, the details and the expressions that make it unique.

Our atelier is the space where we create art pieces that celebrate the beauty and individuality of the human body, and that perpetuate stories, moments and memories. The desire of each client is the starting point for a tailor-made creative experience, which is unique, personal and non-transferable.


Gaipi is Ivone. Ivone is Gaipi.


My passion for the world of the arts is present from an early age, but at a certain point in my life, I put my dream aside. For a decade I have developed a career as a director of human resources management.

Meanwhile, I fell in love, married, and motherhood changed everything. In 3 years, I had three daughters, and time to consider a change. I decided to go back to school to recover my old dream. I was taking a painting course at Ar.Co, when body casting came into my life by mere chance.

I remember seeing a sculpture with so much detail of the skin that it looked real. I was amazed. The body casting came into my life and stayed. I went to Scotland to learn this art from the world-famous "The Edinburgh Casting Studio," and then had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge through training with the talented British artist Ken Clarke, a body and lifecasting sculptor with 50 years of experience.

My mission is to create unique pieces of art for my clients. It fascinates me the whole process that goes from the story, and the reason why someone wants to reproduce a part of their body or someone they love, to the choice of technique that best fits the intended purpose, and to the act

of creation itself of sculpture.

The body casting transports individuality, stories, and emotions, and this is why I fell in love with this form of unique artistic expression.

Just out of curiosity, Gaipi is a "petit nom" of a "petit nom" family, under which I express myself artistically through body casting, as well as painting and photography, which I love and practice on my free time.

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